How to make Corn syrup



This is not exactly like commercial corns syrup of course but tasty for sure and can be used in a lot of things.
6 corn cobs from fresh corn not GMO corn - water to cover
1/8 tsp powdered alum (optional)
1/8 tsp vanilla
2 cups of cane sugar(most beet sugar is from GMO crops)

Cut off the grains from six ears of fresh corn. (Use the grains for buttered corn.)

Break the cobs into pieces and put them in a kettle with water to cover.

Boil for 45 minutes. Then Remove the cobs; save and measure the water.

 Use 1/2 cup of this corncob juice for each 2 cups of sugar.

Place in a smaller saucepan and boil down until it reaches the thickness of corn syrup.

 It will thicken some as it cools so be careful and don't overcook it. Stir only to dissolve sugar at start.

Add vanilla (and powdered alum, if desired, to keep it from forming crystals).

Stir to mix; strain through a thin soft cloth while it is hot.

Makes 2 cups

Note: This syrup has a smooth, delicate corn syrup flavor and should not crystallize. If you should cook it too much, thin with a little boiling water. In canning this you leave a 1/4" headspace.

(Can be processed in water bath for 10 minutes at 0 - 1000 ft, 15 minutes at 1001 - 6000 ft., and 20 minutes above 6000 ft.)

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