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                      This company provides some frees and some low cost books, since I put this up they were changing over format, so I guess we will see.  

Just to let you know some of there text books are sponsored so you do see ads and it can be a bit hard to get use to, also the sponsored online books are limited to the amount you can print from them.   They had  none of my texts books, but maybe you they will have yours.   

He is their list of options :

Here are the price/version options you can choose from:

We offer the Sponsored Online Book, and three premium, ad-free versions. Here are a couple things you need to know about these versions:


  • Sponsored Online Book  This is the online version supported by advertising.  Like TV ads, the sponsor messages are timed to allow you reasonable chunks of time before you are served a "StudyBreak".   To start, the book will open up to title page after a word from one of our sponsors.  To navigate, click on Table of Contents icon.   Note: the Sponsored Online Book has very limited printing capability.  If you want or need to print portions of the textbook, we recommend that you select the printable (PDF) version (available for specific titles only), or buy the paperback. 


  •  The Online Book This is the least expensive premium version. It's the same as the Sponsored Online Book, except that all advertising has been removed.  Note: the Online Book has very limited printing capability.  If you want or need to print portions of the textbook, we recommend that you consider the printable (PDF) version (available for specific titles only), or buy the paperback. 


  • The Digital Bundle (PDF + Online Book)This version is available for all textbooks and some (not all) study guides.  Our publishers prefer to package these PDF options as chapter downloads.  The textbook is available immediately after checkout.  From "My Account", click on the Read Now button for the desired title and the online book platform will open (Silverlight™ download required - follow the prompts).  Click on Table of Contents icon on left side of screen, then click on desired heading to navigate to that point.  Once in desired chapter, click on print icon on left side of screen.  A PDF file for that chapter will open. You can print directly from the opened pdf, or download and save the PDF to your computer by clicking on "File", then "Save As" from your toolbar, and selecting the desired storage area of your computer.  To download another chapter, return to Table of Contents icon and select new chapter, then continue with steps above.   Please note that some pop-up blockers will prevent the PDF files from opening.   If you are unable to open the PDF files, please turn off or temporarily disable the pop-up blocker.


  • Hybrid Bundle (Paperback + Sponsored Online Book) Bound, black & white ad-free paperback versions are also available, and come with access to the Sponsored Online Book. Use the online version while your paperback ships, or whenever you want online functionality like search, notes and chat. Details on how to order are provided when you select this option





Download College Textbooks Online at Project Gutenberg
This is usually my first stop as they have 20,000 free online books. Copyright free. Most are classics.

Freeload Press
Ad supported free downloads. Many categories. Quality texts.

Light and Matter
Free physics textbooks. Professors please take a look at these beautiful adobe.pdf format texts.

Super Groovy List of Science and Math Texts
Free online Science and Math books - an extensive list by the fabulous, Professor Mark Dubin, at the University of Colorado.

Amazon - Read Your Books Online
This isn't exactly cheap - but I've used this service when I was desperate to get the book 'immediately'. Once you buy access to the online version - you still get the real book in the mail, later.

Google Scholar
Very useful and searchable database of scholarly books, articles and journals. Usually, the entire book is not accessible, but you can access a few pages, and that is often enough when you are writing a paper. Especially since you can search for a topic and access that particular page inside the book.

Books Google
Searchable database of full text online books. Wow. That's all I can say Google is WOW. And thanks! (You can toggle between all books and full view books.















 When all else fails I use this site to find what I am looking for by ISBN number and find the lowest gives you a great list of prices and saves a ton of time.


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