Fragrance oils

Currently I offer 54 different types of fragrance oils, I plan to add more over time, so please check back often.  the cost on each bottle for a limited time is just $5.95 which includes free shipping.  Stock up for the holidays or for you own home, it's a deal that can't be beat.

Each oil is 1/2 fluid oz unless other wise stated. I will gladly grant discounts to volume buyers of ten or more bottles at one time, mix and match any flavors you chose. 


                         Fruit flavors

                   Spice scents         Perfume scents              Nature and flowers
  Apple-2 available     Cinnamon-1 available     African Musk- 2 available    
  Apple pie-2 available     Clove- 2 available       Baby Powder- 2 available  
  Coconut- 3 available    Vanilla- 2 available               Black Gold- 2 available   Dragon's Blood- 2 available
  Cherry-2 available                      Black Love- available   Eucalyptus- 1 available
  Cherry Vanilla- 1 available          Black Magic- 2 available   Frankincense- 2 available
  Bayberry- 2 available       Blue Nile- 2 available    Flower bouquet- 3 available
  Blueberry- 2 available                      Blue Sonata- 3 available   Myrrh- 2 available
  Lemon- 2 available                           Butt naked- 2 available    Tulip- 2 available
  Mulberry- 1 available              China Rain- 2 available     Sunflower- 1 available
  Orange- 3 available              Ck1- 2 available     Wisteria- 2 available
  Peach- 2 available                Cool Water- 1 available  
  Pear- 1available                      Desert Rain- 1 available  
  Tangerine- 3 available                Drakkar Noir- 3 available  
  Tutti fruiti- 1 available       Escape- 3 available  
 Watermellon-3 available        Eternity- 2 available  
          Egyptian Musk- 1 available  
         Joop- 1 available  
          Musk- 1 available  
          Nag Champa- 1 available  
          Obsession- 2 available  
        Passion Musk- 1 available  
         Sweet Love- 2 available  
        Tranquility- 1 available  


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