About Us...

Golden Dove Gallery and Mahanaim Farm

We are simple people living a simple life. 

It was our combined dream to live in Arkansas and to have the farm we now live on.  

Our plans include living completely off grid and being pretty much self self-sufficient and teaching others to do so as well.  

Its a big job but most days we are up to the task.  

As defenders of the rights American Veteran's, the elderly and the poor, as well as the rights of of indigenous people and wildlife. 

Each day we  strive to save what is left of heritage farm animals and look to help others to do the same.

Currently we raise a Doves, Pigeons, Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Sheep and more...

Want to get to know us better you can view our on going blog at: http://mahanaim-farm.blogspot.com/

Our past can be found here at our old blog: Mahanaim Farm  

Making a future from the past.....That's the motto we live by...

On our site we also feature Original Artwork For An Original World.. so please check out our artists and there offerings as well.


If you have a question about anything, please ask us, just email me at shekhinah@goldendovegallery.org or callus at 870.321.6859

 We are here to help in anyway we can.

Remember that:

Art is a gift that never stops giving, thank you for allowing us to share our gift with you.

   I hope you enjoy your visit ...

May love rule in your life...

Shekhinah and the rest of the gang here on the Farm....


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