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It Is As Deep As Any Ocean

By Shekhinah R. Golden-Dove Davis


Today’s political theater is full of hack performers and antiquated ideas that equate the poor as nothing more than serf peasants of the state.  They as a group have long since forgotten those that gave them the power they currently flaunt at the American people daily.  For more than eight months, they drug out negations on passing a “Stimulus Package, “which equated to a mere six hundred dollars for each American.  When you take six hundred dollars and divide it by six months, you get about three dollars and thirty cents per day. 

That is how important we are; they sent millions of dollars to overseas countries for the most foolish reasons that one could even imagine. What it amounts to is an insult to the common sense of Americans everywhere. 

I find it interesting that they elected to keep people from being evicted and the power companies from turning off services, but nothing will change if the economy does not change first. Millions of people are still waiting on Pandemic Unemployment, and President Biden says that the future stimulus should be given to the unemployed.

Why not just hire more people to do the paperwork for Pandemic Unemployment so those people can place the money back into the economy?  Please think about the children who need their parents' money, think about the elderly and their encreased expenses since the first days of this horrific pandemic. No quick patch will cure the ills that we have brought upon ourselves; at this point, it will take at least twice as many months to fix as it has taken to break down this already fragile economy.

So, we have created a deep void from which most people will likely never recover, as deep perhaps as the Mariana trench.  The only things there will be creatures that can stand the dark, the unbearable heat of being a disregarded segment of our population.  Much like refuse, plastic grocery bags found lucking alone in the dark corners, empty, castoff, and abandoned. 

How does such a thing happen? How do so many people become so selfishly entwined that they do not understand or even comprehend the damage that they inflict to the people they are said to represent.

Think for a moment that they have dropped down to the deepest levels of thought to impeach a president for the second time in one year.  Whether he was the president you voted for or not, he had less than 20 days left in his term.  In a mere seven days, they could decide to impeach the president with a whopping 5% of his party voting against him.  In terms of ridiculous, this takes the cake. 

I have taken to writing here again as Facebook slowly removes people from defending themselves in any way, as it is offensive to the abuser.  No one wants an active abuser to have a whiny victim.  So it begins as a vigorous attack on our civil liberties, done in plan site with no protection. 

What happens next will determine the future of our rights because now that they have started banning books, banning free speech when it disagrees with another, banning choices in general, how free will we then be?  How deep will it go?










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