Our lovely Jacob Sheep


This is my son Isaiah leading our heard to the back pasture so we can bring in our new little loves to join our flock.


In the front is cloudy day one of our very breed ewes.

Behind her is LOG-(Lamb-of-G-d).

On LOG's right is her daughter Rachael.

Behind LOG is Jacob a yearling  ram, son of our ewe Night Shade.

Our friends and our children and my dear husband getting the new girls in with the rest of our herd.

Here is our prime ram Moses...even though he broke one of his horns we still love him...

Our new sheep and are old sheep happily in the night pasture....

The very dark one in the middle is Night shade, near as we can tell she is more than half Jacob and was dehorned before we got her.

The ewe on her right is her daughter Leah and behind her, her son Jacob.

This is cloudy day again with her other daughter lightning. 

Cloudy day is a Luxin four horn sheep from the Isle of man, but we ate her mate so we have been breeding her to Moses.

Our newest ewes in the back of my friend Robins truck.

Robin is one the the very best friends a person could have, trudging threw the mountains for over four hours to help me acquire these sweet little girls..


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